Version history for The structure of water: hydrogen bonds

August 2014
Version 3.1: Uses JSmol (which does not require Java).
May 2008
Version 3: Adds new section with animated model of freezing and melting. Based on molecular dynamics data by Lubos Vrbka. Spanish version will be included in BioROM 2009 and later.
February 2008
Version 2.2a: Bug fix (Flash video clips in IE6, QuickTime in IE6/7).
January 2008
Version 2.2: Using Jmol 11.4; Jmol menu is shown in the same language as the page (English version).
Version 2.1: Addition of page with external resources: linked video clips.
December 2007
Version 2: Addition of a new section with models of 96 water molecules in liquid and ice forms, using Jmol. New main index page. CSS restyling.
December 2006-January 2007
Version 1: Implementation of an animated model, using Jmol, of 10 water molecules condensing into a hydrogen-bonded droplet (theoretical simulation by energy minimization). Based on the model and original Chime version by Eric Martz. Spanish version was included in BioROM2008. Both English and Spanish versions were included in BioMolecular Explorer 3D, version 2.