Lipid Bilayers and the Gramicidin Channel
Version history

Version Biomodel2v3.1 - June 2017

Minor changes: black text on white background; CHONP color legend; code repair (broken links for final models).

Version Biomodel2v3 - July 2014

Dual version, Jmol/JSMol 14.2. Updated code. Links to Protein Explorer were removed.

Version Biomodel2v2.5 - March 2010

A link was added to Proteopedia.

Version Biomodel2v2.4 - October 2009

Fixes links to FGiJ and PE.

Version Biomodel2v2.3 - June 2009

Fixes a technical bug. Nows uses Jmol 11.6. No new windows are used now, everything in the same window (to open in a new window is left to user discretion).

Version Biomodel2v2.2 - January 2008

Jmol menu is shown in the same language as the page; uses Jmol 11.4. Links to FirstGlance in Jmol added alongside the old links to Protein Explorer (and these fixed).

Version Biomodel2v2.1 - May 2007 (but still labeled as v2)

Jmol panel is automatically resized with the browser window; uses Jmol 11.0.3.

Version Biomodel2v2 - December 2006

Bug revision and update to Jmol 11.0.


Angel Herráez