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1. Draw here your molecule in 2D:

This image may be copied or saved
using the context menu
help sticks ball and stick spheres labels color in a new window image save


On the 3D model:
enantiomer diastereomer in a C
Inversion of configuration:
1. enable
2. highlight the central C and 
3. highlight the first atom in each of its 2 substituents to invert and 
4. do the
move atoms by dragging and optimise geometry automatically
Recalculate hydrogens.
Load from a database:
name of the molecule or PDB ID:
Export to XYZ file Display XYZ data
Adjust the swiftness of response in the 3D panel (for mobile devices):
faster higher quality
JSmol modality:

2. Give it a name:

3. to the right-hand panel (H atoms will be added)

4. the structure in 3D. (Several times may be needed; help)

5. Observe the molecule in 3D on the right-hand panel.

6. You can also get 3D structures typing their name in English: and then you may , for example to add some modifications.

If you have technical problems using this application, please the author.  ◈  Versión en español  ◈  Version française  ◈

6. If you wish to save this structure or send it to your instructor:

      (you may also use the icons save send located over the Jmol panel)

the optimised structure.
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