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1. Draw your molecule in 2D here:

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2. Add hydrogens, using the menu:
   Edit > Hydrogens > Make Existing Implicit Hydrogens Explicit


3. Give it a name:

4. from 2D to 3D  (Ņnot working? help)

5. (several times may be needed; help)

6. and see the molecule in 3D here:

move the model using the mouse
help sticks ball and stick spheres colour   in new window image save send
advanced options   (help)
Inversion of configuration:
1. activate
2. highlight the central C and
3. highlight the first atom in each of its 2 substituents to be inverted, and
4. invert
stereochemistry   enantiomer diastereomer in a C

7. If you want to save this structure or send it to your instructor:

      (you can also use the save send icons located above the Jmol panel)

the optimised structure.

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