Robert J. Huskey's
BIOL 121: Human Biology Web Site (dead link)

The Human Biology course as developed by Robert J. Huskey and Fred A. Diehl was last offered during the Fall Semester of 1998. Huskey was the teacher of record for the Human Biology course and the creator of the web site for the course. He was re-assigned for Fall, 1999, to teach the Introductory Biology course (BIOL 201) along with Reginald H. Garrett. Huskey retired from the University of Virginia in January, 2001.

It is unlikely that the Human Biology course as presented on this web site will ever be taught again at the University of Virginia.

The web site was created and maintained by Robert J. Huskey without a grant from anyone. Last updated on March 23, 2002.

There is an archived copy (06 Feb. 2006) at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.