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Lipid Bilayers and the Gramicidin Channelmade with JSmol

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You may force the modality you wish by clicking either button to the right.
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To begin, press the "Start Presentation" button. Then you will be able to access the desired section clicking on the (next page) links or using the menu at lower left panel.
Sections are:
  • Cholesterol
  • Phospholipid
  • Lipid bilayer (4 subsections)
  • Gramicidin channel

   In contrast to some other web pages presenting molecular models, this presentation works properly only if you press the buttons in the order they appear. Also unlike some other presentations, the presentation works best if you do not rotate, zoom, or otherwise alter the molecule between buttons. Doing this may change subsequent images and affect the rest of the presentation.

   Buttons highlighted in this way can be used as a starting point for restoring the proper image sequence in the presentation.

   These buttons allow to see a sequence of display of the model, either step by step by clicking on or all successively if you click on . When the sequence is finished, the buttons will go grey and won't act any more (until you click on the preceeding button).

   As a consequence, it is recommended that on your first visit you just go clicking on all buttons, one at a time and in order, reading the captions and observing the model, and only after that you can start experimenting with manual movement of the model or using buttons in a different order.

You may prefer to explore a simpler presentation in Proteopedia.

   You may also explore the molecules in this presentation using FirstGlance in Jmol; there you may rotate, zoom, change the colors and rendering:

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