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This page is a duplicate of the main page with experimental purposes. Here we have added a new type of experiment, detection of Coronavirus using PCR (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2).

It is separate from the main version of Cybertory to avoid risking the proper operation of pre-existing experiments, while we test this new version. Once we check that everything is working properly, the new assay will be integrated into the main page and this one will be removed.

Please, report any failures by providing precise details of the problem and in which step it happened.

You may also be interested on another page with the explanation of the "rapid tests", which are immunoassays that detect not the virus, but the antibodies produced against it by infected persons.

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Virtual laboratories

pageGeneral instructions for using Cybertory. Workbooks specific for each experiment are available from the virtual laboratories home page.

If you will be doing the sickle cell anemia practical, ask your instructor to assign you 4 enzymes or else use automatic assignment and write down the assigned enzymes.

Brief video (2 min) that illustrates how is the work with this laboratory. (Note that although the video displays screenshots in Spanish, the actual laboratory is fully translated into English) Another video with more detail (6 min).

A review (in Spanish) on the teaching applications of Cybertory: article“Iniciación al diagnóstico genético: una aproximación a la medicina molecular” J. C. Diez, A. Herráez (2017) RIECS 2 (1), 22-27.

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