Jmol script files

Groups of consecutive commands that you want to reuse may be stored in a text file. This is called a script, meaning a storyboard (a "Jmol script" saved into a "script file").

It is common among Jmol users to name the file with an .spt extension, but you may use anything, e.g. .txt. Important: it is a plain-text file; you need a text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad), not a word processor like MS-Word.

Each command may go in its own line, or you may put several in one line but then you must use semicolons (;) to separate them.


select protein

cartoon only

color group

select ligand

spacefill 23%

wireframe 0.15

color cpk

select protein; cartoon only; color group;

select ligand; spacefill 23%; wireframe 0.15; color cpk;

Loading script files

You can then run a script in any of these ways: