Production of webpages using Jmol Export to Web module (Jmol v.14)


  1. You need to have Java installed in the computer.
  2. Download the Jmol "distribution" (e.g. from
  3. Extract (unzip) the files :: it will create a folder like jmol-14.0.13
    Actually, you will only need 2 of the files in there (you can delete the others):
  4. Find the file among the extracted contents
  5. Extract (unzip) all files contained in the file - it will create a jsmol folder. Pay attention to where it is located, or move it to your preferred place.
  6. Run the Jmol.jar (you need to have Java installed). Load a molecular file, do what you wish with it.
  7. Open the Export to Web module from the top menu in Jmol or the toolbar.
  8. When you have created your scenes, click the "Save" button and choose a name (for a new folder) below the jsmol folder that you already had. Leave the paths (in text slots) as "..".
  9. Always carry with you the whole structure of jsmol folder and subfolders, including those that you create for the molecular scenes.
  10. Files you may delete -- if you want to clean up or reduce the file load: