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Testing surfaces on Jmol

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Load molecule:

Coarse pseudo-surfaces:

(mutually exclusive here)

Polished isosurfaces:

   (Load a molecule first, from above or below choices)

Calculate a surface on the currently selected set of atoms:
(caution! may take several seconds or even minutes)
(mutually exclusive here)

Or choose pre-made examples of molecular surfaces
(these are JVXL files with solvent-excluded surface, 1.2 Å probe):

An A-T base pair in DNA (66 atoms)   

Two base pairs (82 atoms)   

Four base pairs (164 atoms)   

Six base pairs (246 atoms)   

A DNA portion of 17 base pairs (701 atoms)   

A subunit of streptavidin (876 atoms) with its biotin ligand bound and a little portion of another subunit covering the ligand ("cap")   
    (876 atoms)
    (50 atoms)

A subunit in hemoglobin (1123 atoms) with its hem group and a bound oxygen molecule   

For comparison, screenshots of surfaces rendered by Chime 2.6 and by Rasmol 2.7.3: images